Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare: What is the benefit?


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Vegan vs Non-Vegan Ingredients

Vegan and cruelty-free is a kind of living style which exclude any animal exploitation and limit animal products. It is interesting to explore and understand the benefit, and how it is implemented into the beauty industry.

The best way to identified the vegan brand skincare is by reading through their product information. Honey is a common flavour that appears in lip balm or facial mask. It acts as a moisturizer agent in skincare products. A honeybee collects pollen to make honey for their food storage. Furthermore, another non-vegan ingredient is beeswax. Usually, beeswax used in the manufacturing of lip balm, face balm or cream. All these actions are exploitation of honey bees.

Additionally, milk is also not a vegan ingredient. It is a production from cow and other animals which produce milk. It can not only use for face wash or moisturizer, thus it is widely used in the beauty industries.

The Benefit of Vegan Skincare

Vegan and cruelty free is environmental friendly

Use vegan related skincare products will create a good impact on the environment. Skincare products that have animal by-products in them will lead to environmental problems like soil erosion and climate change.

Processing vegan product will require less energy

Vegan ingredients process will cut down energy waste for raising an animal. Additionally, It will create a balanced relationship between the environment and human.

Vegan and anti cruelty skincare are more gentle to skin

Skin ideal pH value is 5.5, which is slightly acidic and alkaline. Moreover, with the natural finest ingredients incorporate with skincare, it will be optimum pH for the skin.

Save animal from skincare test

Most of the skincare undergoes testing on animal for obtaining the result. In these tests for cosmetic or skincare products, they suffer through evaluations likewise skin irritation, eye irritation or observe the level of toxicity. Finally, it could cause severe damage to the animal, or death. Visit cruelty-free international to understand more about Leaping Bunny Association which verified brand that is cruelty-free.

Start exploring your own vegan and cruelty free skincare

Firstly, we can find one type of the skincare you would most frequently use. Likewise vegan made lip balm or cruelty free hair oil. Skincare first trial always advise to have patch test, try a smaller amount at hidden spot. Likewise behind ear or at wrist region. Observe for any allergy reaction within 12 hours likewise itchy or redness. If no obvious reaction then you have no worry to continue with your new skincare.

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