Sustainable Lifestyle : 10 Ways To Reuse and Reduce


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recyclable item likewise utensils, recycle bag and glass bottle on the table

How to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Sustainable lifestyle preserve the natural resources and incorporate with modern living. Now at the 21st century , we have enter a resources limitation period globally. We gain all the resources from the earth and is time to return back and preserve these earth assets.

1- Use Reusable Straw

Reusable straw likewise metal straw , bamboo straws and soft silicon straws. Additionally, you can carry straws with you everywhere you go.

2 – Use Recycle Shopping Bag

Single use plastic bag can be cut down by using woven polypropylene (PP) made recycle bag. The fabric is high durable material , additionally it appear as different design on market.

3 – Practice Take Away With Your Own Container

We are so used to take away food using single use plastic or polystyrene. After meal , these container that can’t recycle will go direct to rubbish landfill. Therefore, we should start to use your own personal container while take away food. Varies of designs are available on eco-friendly market, pick yours and start packing your food with them.

minimalist lifestyle with furniture

4 – Lead A Minimalist Sustainable Lifestyle

Minimalist have bring the definition of less is more. Use the item you absolutely need in your daily, in fact when you have only few set clothes, you can cut down time to wash and manage your clothes. This is an example of minimalist life but it can achieve calm mental state with this too.

5 – Shop For Second-Hand Clothes

How many times have you wear for your less favorite clothe? 80 billions new pieces of clothing produced every year. We encourage to donate your clothes that you seldom wear but good condition. This can reduce clothes amount remarkably.

Close up of natural ingredients

6 – Start Using Natural Ingredients Made Skincare

Some skincare claim themselves to be clean skincare but they use “Parabens” as their preservatives ingredients. Parabens are also linked to ecological harm, as low levels of butylparaben can kill coral in ocean. Natural skincare while processing and manufacturing , the waste will not cause pollution and sustain to the environment. It is also a healthy and sustainable option for the user and environment.

7 – Clean Your House With Chemical Free Cleansing Product

Cleaning products are released to the environment during use in to the air through evaporation of volatile components. The concentrated forms of some commercial cleaning products are classified as hazardous, creating potential handling, storage, and disposal issues for user and also environment.

zero waste food and container

8 – Eat Less Meat for Sustainable Lifestyle

Eating less meat can be the first step for sustainable living especially red meat likewise beef or mutton. Furthermore , based on Green America eat food at the lower food chain which will cut down the energy combustion rate significantly.

9 – Separate Your Waste

Use 2 bins to separate your waste , likewise food waste at one bin and hard container at another bin.Always separate the liquid and dry rubbish. This can ease the recycle or reuse process for certain item.

10 – Learn About Zero Waste Sustainable Lifestyle

Zero waste mean the ultimately reuse , refill and reduce rubbish near to no discharge to the land , ocean or air. This is definitely a challenge even for any eco friendly practitioners. Refillable glass container will be your great partner to start zero waste practice. For example grain, beans , pasta or spices can be refill at store while finish.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”

Anne Marie Bonneau

zero waste shop with peoples

Tell us how you lead a sustainable lifestyle and how it changed your life.

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