How To Prevent Hair Loss With Clean Beauty


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prevent hair loss with natural hair care

Prevent Hair Loss Using Natural Ingredients

How to prevent hair loss with natural remedy at home. Many countries are still having lockdown and peoples need to stay at home. Haircare will need to carry on when you are at home. You can enjoy hair treatment with essential care with simple tools and hair care products. We use a hair iron and colour our hair for hair styling. All these actions are damaging our hair root daily. In fact that we use chemical content hair care product to do styling and protection. Toxic chemical likewise polyethene glycols and parabens often used in hair care and hair colour product. Based on studies of skin safety and health prevention have shown that it has the possibilities to lead to cancer.

Why use harmful and toxic ingredients to protect your hair and body?

natural ingredient likewise coconut oil , coconut , towel and comb on table

Natural Hair Oil

Natural ingredients can nourish hair in a good way and it is not toxic to the body. Commonly used ingredients are virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil or rosemary essential oil. Firstly, jojoba oil origin from the desert regions of Arizona, southern California, and Mexico. Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B, E, copper, and zinc. Furthermore, essential oil likewise rosemary oil stimulate hair growth. With all the nourish agents in one bottle, it can well target hair fall.

Method To Prevent Hair Fall

Scalp Treatment

Most hair oil can only apply on hair ends while it might cause hair root clogged. Herlovito Jojoba Hair Oil ingredients are all-natural and fine in particles. Therefore it can apply to the scalp for hair growth stimulation and deep cleansing purpose. It can absorb easily to the scalp while combined with a scalp massage. Furthermore, massage can help improve the blood circulation of the scalp and induce absorption of hair care nutrition.

How To Do Scalp Treatment

Scalp massage can with the tool and bare hand. A bare hand massage can only use fingertips while light and medium pressure.

  1. After dripping Jojoba Hair Oil on top of the head
  2. Comb one direction from the top of the head till the end
  3. Light pressure on wooden comb/ fingertips across the scalp
  4. Leave for 20 minutes
  5. Shampoo and conditioner hair

Deep Cleansing To Prevent Hair Fall

Scalp buildup with a layer of dead skin, oil, and sweat and can clog the hair follicles. Get rid of this layer of dirt by the deep cleansing method. Home remedy method using baking soda and apple cider vinegar, these ingredients are acid-based. It might suitable or not at all for the individual. Will advice to use neutral consistent ingredients such as oatmeal or natural made hair scalp oil.

Result After 2 Weeks

After use it for 2 weeks , hair therapy include 3 times of deep scalp cleansing per week and daily scalp massage with jojoba hair oil. Baby hair start to grow over tip of head. Feedback from customer mentioned that “My scalp feel lighter and hair start to getting less oily after I sweat in the afternoon. My hair is stronger while can observe the fall is lesser after I comb.”

result of scalp show hair grow after 2 weeks and prevent hair loss
Result after 2 weeks used Herlovito Jojoba hair Oil
*Result may be vary due to individual.

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