The Ugly Side Of Beauty Industry That You Never Know


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Ugly Part of The Beauty Industry

The ugly side of the beauty industry has been revealed one by one to the public through social media. However, these are the parts that the industry always wants to hide. There are a few points that consumers did not take note of, which might cause long-term effects on their skin health.

ugly side of beauty industry of cosmetic product

Do you know what is inside your beauty product?

Toxic Beauty

Survey has shown that 1 out of 3 ladies will need to wear makeup before walking out of the house. Over 50% of use at least one beauty product daily. The user that knows the product ingredients is lesser than we expect. A single-use of beauty products just needs 26 seconds for the toxic chemical to absorb into the bloodstream. If you use the toxic product, your body and skin can show the most direct result.

The company’s product have proved to have health and safety risks. Supreme court have rejected the Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder appeals of $2 billions penalty. Moreover, the talc powder has tested positive for the carcinogen asbestos. This has exploded a huge alarm in the personal care and beauty industry. Even products for the baby was tested toxic and this is just an iceberg of the problems.

In another way, parabens are the ingredients that are ban also. You will be surprised by the range of products that can find parabens. Cause you can find it in your face wash, shampoo and body shower gel. It is all over the place. A small number of parabens won’t be harmful, but an accumulation of a small amount will definitely do. Parabens can cause skin irritation and increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

Unethical workers digging mica with dirty hand

Unethical Workers Exploitation

The beauty industry is worth over $380 billion in the international market. It is just a portion of the cosmetic market only. Therefore, we can see the impact on women’s fashion and beauty. To support the huge market demands, the supply is crucial. It can be sourcing and process locally and overseas. Countries likewise China and India have become popular spots for big company to locate their factory.

These countries have cheaper labour and can handle more orders. In the meanwhile, this has increased the rate of exploitation of local workers. The average working hours of factory workers will reach 12 to 16 hours per day. Furthermore, the working salary rate is $2 per hour. A china workers monthly salary is around $300. Therefore, workers will try their best to do more OT overtime to earn more dollars.

contaminated and polluted ocean with waste and leak oil

Impact to Environment

Plastic Pollution

Due to the covid-19 impact, the beauty industry has slow down. However, the impact was still serious and should take note of. We used the 2018 report to show that there is still 7.9 billion of rigid plastic found in oceans. These wastes come from cosmetic, personal and skincare packaging. It could be lotion bottles, glass bottles and cosmetic containers. This waste appears to be items that we used daily. When we are not using it anymore, it becomes waste that went into the ocean and landfills. It is like a chain of reactions in between the ecosystem. While the ocean is full of plastic and waste from our beauty products. The animal in ocean is suffering from our mistake.


During the processing of the beauty products, it will release toxic waste. This toxic waste includes chemical elements likewise sulphate, parabens and synthetic colours. Therefore, if without proper filtration, it can cause air pollution and water contamination during processing. The polluted river will use as water for drinking. This part needs important to set a fix and clear regulation to control this system part.

Ugly side behind the beauty Industry

The profit was uncountable for these big brands and companies. There were in the market long before anyone else has entered. They have strong followers which use their products for decades. So for them to stop producing toxic beauty products is impossible.

Reminder to User

The good news is there are many natural-based companies and branding are blooming up. It will balance up the generic beauty market. The natural startup will provide more healthy variations and give users more choices of products.Therefore, as a user we should learn to understand ingredients in the products.The most important part is defends your right as user. Immediately feedback and report while having allergy or unwell reactions.