What is Clean Beauty: Natural & Organic Ingredients


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Clean Beauty is about Simple

Clean beauty is a term have to bring brand new meaning to the beauty industry. A clean approach for the skin is a must, we should not use toxic content products on our face. Firstly, we can start to expose with clean products and experience for 2 weeks. Then you can well observe the changes in your skin. The result will be slow but long-lasting, cause it is all-natural.

Learn what your skin need

Have you ever asked what your skin need when you buy skincare? Are you buying because of the fancy advertisement? Never buy skincare because of its high end and branded effect. Let us tell you why you should buy products based on their ingredients.

Firstly, we need to know that your face layer is thin. Do not apply too strong and acidic content on the face. Mild symptoms will be skin irritation or redness. And the worse symptoms might cause serious skin conditions. It is a highlight that you should take note of while choosing skincare. Moreover, it is crucial to do a patch test behind your ear or wrist. Later on, can observe skin allergy reaction.

Your skin type will keep changing due to the environment and age. Thus your skin will need a different kind of product to fulfil your need at that period. Clean beauty is a journey, which you can expose to a single clean item and slowly add on more and more.

Does Clean Beauty have to be Green

The answer is YES, clean beauty has to be green. Therefore, not only does it need to be vegan, but it also needs to be cruelty-free. The reason is that in the clean routine we hope to satisfied our basic skincare needs. This action will not need to harm animals for testing. These will all lead to one direction, which can be sustainable sources.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Eco friendly
  • Sustanability

Avoid this and that

These ingredients have been scientific proof to be harmful to skin health. Thus, try to read the ingredients label on the products and avoid these ingredients.

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)
  • Polyethylene (PEGs)

Why we are promoting clean products

We can see the needs of the future beauty market. We can’t just retrieve from the earth and did not give back. Thus, we believe use only natural and clean ingredients can protect the earth. This action will build a bridge between humans and the environment.

For Your Skin

Damask Rose Hydrating Mist

Hydrating mist to kept the water moisture in face. In fact that keep face moisture can reduce sebum production. It can be use as makeup setting tools. Just need a spray or two will be enough to keep your maekup for whole day.

Clean beauty type Hydrating mist with water droplet

For your Lips

Original Lip Balm

Lip are sensitive with alcohol and chemical Lips will become dry and chapped. Just need to warm up on lips for once then it will glide like butter.

Lip balm with shea butter texture with clean ingredients
Clean Hair Routine

Jojoba Hair Oil

Clean hair care routine will help to strengthen hair roots. It can be use as scalp cleansing and will not clog the hair root. Thus, it will help grow your hair stronger and thicker.

jojoba oil splashing on clean hair oil

Are you ready to join our clean beauty journey ? We are as excited as you are since we are one step closer toward clean and sustain world.

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