Sensitive Skin Type Characteristic and How to Care


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a line of question for sensitive skin type user

Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive skin type is one of the skin types that need special skincare. Why is it need special care? sensitive skin tends to be easily allergic and inflamed. These factors will make the skin become red, itchy or have rache. It can cause discomfort to the skin and affect skin health. Your skin will adapt to changes that due to age, environment and hormones. Thus, your skin type might change in between sensitive and combination skin types.

Sensitive Skin Small Test

Patch test on skin to test whether you are having sensitive skin type
Patch Test On Hand

The first question should ask before buying your skincare should be knowing your skin type. Let’s do a small test to see whether you are having sensitive skin. Just need to answer YES or NO for the following question.

  1. When wake up in the morning, your skin feel like dry or tight ?
  2. Does your face will turn red after sun expose?
  3. Have you experience itchy after trying new products?
  4. Does you feel stingling sensation after apply skin care?

If most of your answer is YES. Then you are having a sensitive skin type.

Sensitive Elements

Elements that can cause skin sensitive likewise alcohol, fragrance oil or parabens. Mild symptoms will be like dry or tight skin. These symptoms can be managed by changing and stop the use. However, if you are facing symptoms like red in patches or burning sensation for a week or longer. It will strongly advise consulting a doctor.

All these symptoms can cause skin health problems for people. When you try a new type of skin care, no matter what skin type you are having will advise to do a patch test.

How to do Patch Test

  1. Find a small area likewise behind ear, side of the neck or wrist area
  2. Wash and clean the area
  3. Apply the products on these area
  4. Wait and observe for 24 hours
  5. If you are feeling itchy over these areas , mean the product is not suitable for you.

Tips for Skin Care


What’s more, need to take note to avoid sensitive skin, it will be tips of caring. Sensitive skin will need to have extra care and effort. Firstly, we can start by choosing a suitable cleaning product. It will advise selecting mild and gentle cleansing foam. If you are having combined sensitive skin, will suggest foaming face wash. Another kind of face wash will be gel kind, it will be nice for dry and sensitive skin.


When skin exposes to excessive sun or dust, it might cause a skin sensitive reaction. The prior skin care will need sooting properties first. Thus, can choose Hydrating Soothing Spray in the morning and before bed. It will create a thin layer to protect your skin.


For sunscreen, it can protect skin over expose to SPF and UV ray. There are two types of sunscreens; chemical and mineral sunscreen. There are two types of sunscreen in the market like chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen, Chemical sunscreen contains harsh ingredients likewise oxybenzone and cinnamates. Besides that, mineral sunscreen will be a better choice for those that worry about chemical expose.

Use Natural Products

The best advice for sensitive skin is to adapt to natural made products. This method can be helpful while reducing the rate of sensitive skin reactions. Since the harsh and strong chemicals were not added in the skin care. In meanwhile, we can say no to sensitive skin and welcome the brand new skin care experiences.

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