Chapstick Vs Lip Balm: What is the difference


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Chapstick and lip balm are similar but different. When you are having dry lips, you will tend to use chapstick or lip balm. We guess that you tried both of them, but which type will be good for your lips. Do you really know what’s the difference between them?

Have you experienced dry and cracked lips during cold weather? Does it mean you are dehydrate and lacking water in your body? It could be you are licking your lips too frequent and make your lips dry. Therefore, eating spicy food could be one of the factors causing your lips to dry.

differences between Chapstick and lip balm to heal lips


Actually, chapstick is a kind of lip balm too, which is for lip care. It is a brand name for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. It is made to heal chap lips, thus it got the name. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has once held this trade chapstick mark. Yes, the company that once own chapstick, Pfizer is the company that manufactures covid-19 vaccination.


In the early 1800s, chapstick was invented by Dr Charles Browne Fleet. It was once wrapped in tin foil but was not sell well. When the time comes to the 90s, it was then melted and pour into a tube. Then it starts to have the name Chapstick.


It is both have a waxy kind texture. Thus it is often as synonymously for the term lip balm. However, we can still find differences in the main ingredients. Its main focus function is for lip only.

Original lip balm on table with dry flower

Lip Balm

As for lip balm, it can be a protective layer for lips. It can keep moisture in lips and won’t dry out so easily. Not only does that moisture lips, but it also provides nutrients to make lips softer and dewy. It is made of oil and wax. The size is very handy, girls usually keep it in their handbag when outing.


Use these ingredients likewise shea butter, candelilla wax and plant oil for lip balm. It can act as a natural lubricant for dry lips. Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and olive are all derived from natural plants. Lock the moisture on lips with all these fined ingredients.

Lip Tint or Lip Gloss

Some people like their lip balm to be colourless and without fragrance. Besides that, lip tint is also a type of lip balm. It will add mica, pigment or dye for a lip tint. Thus, it will stain your lips with different colours and act as light lipstick. Besides that, another similar lip care product will be lip gloss. It will have a glossy and glitter like appearance. It is very different from lip balm, it has a liquid and gel kind texture.

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