Get Rid of Blackheads On Nose & Face: Natural Remedy


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Get rid of blackheads is never one day task. Blackheads are a kind of acne, it can appear on the nose or face. It appears more frequently on the face T-zone. As the sebum production is active over these regions. Moreover, it has small black bumps and oil that clog your pore. Blackheads are hard to remove and required extra care it.

Some videos showed picking and squeezing blackheads on the face or body. The video’s clicking rate can reach up to millions. However, we should know that picking and squeezing could make it worse. Picking your skin, might cause your skin to inflamed and having an abrasion.

Therefore we would like to introduce a few methods which can help get rid of blackheads. It is natural and simple and can use as long term care.

Soft Exfoliate to Get Rid of blackheads

face and body scrub to get rid of blackheads

Is exfoliate or scrubbing can help to reduce blackheads? Yes, as gently scrubbing can help remove excess dead skin cells that clog your face’s pore.

Thus you can use soft scrubbing ingredients like sugar or salt-based scrubs. Gently scrub on your nose or chin for 10 seconds. Wash it off with water until clean.

Finest Oil To Soften Skin

purest oil to apply on face massage to get rid of blackheads

The essential oil consists of anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce blackheads. As for some light oil that is extracted from seeds can help too.

How to do so? It is a simple and easy beauty step.

You can choose to apply natural-based serum or light oil on the nose, chin or forehead. Massage softly on the region and left it on your face for 5 minutes. It will help soften the blackheads hide within the skin.

The next step will be washing your face with mild face wash. Then the blackheads underneath the skin can be washed off.

Let’s try it out, this can be very useful and effective to get rid of blackheads.

Use Clay or Oil Absorbing Mask

clay mask apply to reduce oil on face

Usually, blackheads appear on oily skin types. Thus, it is advised to apply a clay mask or matcha mask that can absorb excess oil.

Recipe To Get Rid of Blackheads

It can be a homemade recipe while you can do ultimately skincare at home. Besides, you can add your favourite ingredients to your facial mask. The ingredients are easy to get and what’s the best part is all vegan.

Blackhead Strips

This can be helpful for hard types of blackheads. Which will still remain underneath the skin after exfoliation. Therefore, blackhead strips that design to stick out blackheads will be helpful for these conditions.

Blackhead strips can be peeled off after 10 minutes. Just need to stick it on your nose or chin. Remember to avoid eyebrows or your hair on side of the face.

Keep Your Face Moisture

Dry skin can cause many skin conditions. Likewise wrinkles and blackheads. Thus keeping your face hydrated is extremely important.

Most of the products claim to have hydrating effects but the absorption rate might be poor. Thus, drinking water can helps to solve this problem. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Thus we should keep our body hydrated means to the skin too.

Kindly remind me, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to own glowing skin.

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