Vegan Beauty Routine Bring Benefits To Skin and Environment


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A vegan beauty routine is just amazing. Many of the popular brands have proved us right as they are with us too. Beauty brands start to create more series as vegan beauty. It is a great push from the big brands, thus more people can know about vegan is not just about diet and meals. It can be your skincare and personal care products.

Besides that, as the search increase through the years. Many peoples start switching their beauty pathways while it can help from multi-aspect.

1.Maintain Healthy Skin

maintain skin health by using vegan beauty routine

This is the first and prior reason for switching to vegan beauty. We are told to eat clean for our body health. To maintain skin health, skin can direct absorb ingredients that apply to the skin. Thus, your skin required clean ingredients too.

What we worry about is the penetration of the toxic ingredients can cause serious disease. Although cosmetic safety showed that a limited amount of parabens will not affect the body. However, if every daily product you used contains a few parabens. It will really be harmful to the body.

2.Vegan Beauty Routine made Avoid Questionable Ingredients

honey is a non-vegan ingredients

People usually misunderstood honey as a vegan ingredient. There are many beauty products label as honey flavours. Additionally, beauty users won’t be able to confirm that the product is pure vegan or mixed. Some manufacturer they claim the products as vegan however it still contains collagen booster.

Non-vegan beauty ingredients

  • Honey
  • Gelatin
  • Collagen
  • Albumen
  • Beeswax

3.Vegan Beauty Routine Saves the Environment

vegan beauty routine saves environment and forest

From the diet aspect, eating less meat can reduce the combustion rate. Vegan beauty products have less toxic chemicals, Thus, chemicals that are released into the atmosphere will reduce remarkably.

4. Your Body Accept Natural Ingredients Better

Good ingredients can be absorb into skin easily

The vegan beauty routine will be suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin types, the skin will be easily irritating, red or itchy. Furthermore, sensitive skin with more serious symptoms like eczema, hives or rashes. Thus, using natural ingredients will be more gentle and mild to the skin.

It is like back to ancients beauty, they were using the raw and finest ingredients as their skincare. Besides that, they also believe simple can achieve greatness.

5.Vegan Beauty Can Saves More Animals

mother duck and baby ducks on lake and river

Vegan beauty with cruelty-free can avoid lab tests for beauty products. These tests will use animals as subjects to see their reaction to the recipe. But do we really need this kind of test to ensure our skin safety? There are many other options for us to achieve that too. Thus, we should avoid and prohibit animal lab tests. Be vegan and cruelty-free should be the future of beauty products.

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