Keratin Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know About


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Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a kind of protein treatment for hair. It is to enhance hair structure and growth. Besides that, it is use widely in hair salons for hair treatment. Keratin has benefits toward hair for a quick fix for sure. However, it can cause hair damage as a long term effect. If you have thoughts on using Keratin to help fix fizzy hair. There is some that you need to know before start using it.

Where Can Find Keratin

Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins. α-Keratin is a type of keratin found in vertebrae. It is the key structural material making up hair and nails. We can find keratin lines on the surface of the body.

Furthermore, there are certain food can promote the growth of keratin. Food likewise eggs, onion and mango can boost the keratin level in the body. If want to know more about the food contain mineral and vitamin over here.

Keratin hair treatment need hear and flat iron

How to do Keratin Hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment can make your hair smoother and shine. Furthermore, it can help to reduce split end over hair.

  1. Wash hair with clarified shampoo
  2. Dry hair completely
  3. Apply Keratin treatment
  4. Dry hair with medium heat or flatiron
  5. Wait for 4 days before next hair wash

Thus, we can observe from the steps. It is advisable to do it at hair salons with a professional.

Disadvantage of Keratin Hair Treament

Keratin hair treatment can cause long term damage to hair


This hair treatment contains Formaldehyde, a harmful chemical that can cause danger while inhaling. Furthermore, it can cause serious irritation to the eyes, throat and nose while breath in. Highly exposure to Formaldehyde can cause cancer.

Cost of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment costs between $300 to $500. Some hair salons in Malaysia charge around RM 500 per section. It is very costly and has short term effects.

Thus, it makes us queries why is the treatment so expensive but hard to maintain. As for the following maintenance, you will need to invest in shampoo and conditioner that are free of sodium chloride and sulfates. As these can both strip the treatments.

Who Should Not Use

Keratin treatment is strictly restricted for ladies during pregnancy. Furthermore, it is a dangerous ingredient that should keep out of reach of kids. As for it can be a dangerous element.

We always encourage everyone to use natural hair treatment. While it is made with natural ingredients, it will not cause harm to body health. Natural made hair treatment can achieve the same effect as keratin. And this will not cause harm to the body and hair.