Five Skin Type: How to Identified Your Skin


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Different Skin Type

different skin type with skin problem

Know your skin type can help to achieve glowing skin. With this, you will be able to choose suitable skincare. You do not want to buy skincare which does not heal your skin but harm your skin.

Either you are which skin type, knowing this will be helpful. There are a few ways to learn more about your skin. And what kind of routine will be suitable for your skin.

Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin? Dry skin can lead to many skin problems. While your skin is dry and tight. Thus, when smile it can make wrinkles more obvious. Moreover, some dry combined skin will be flaky and red. It will be more

  • Dry and flake
  • Dull and rough patches
  • Less elastic
  • Itchy skin

Oily Skin

A girl use oil blotting paper to absorb oil
Oil Blotting Sheet / Oil Paper

For oily skin, it is one of the most popular skins in Malaysia. This could be because of the eating habit and diet. Thus, it will stimulate excess sebum in the pore. Furthermore, oily skin will lead to acne and pimples.

Use an oil absorption sheet or we also name it as a blotting sheet. A box of oil blotting paper will have 50 pcs. The more transparent the blotting paper is, meaning the skin is more oily.

Patch test

A girl apply product on back of ear to test for allergic skin type

A Patch test uses to determine substances that can cause an allergic reaction. This is a small and quick test for knowing your skin type. You can just apply the product to the back of the ear or wrist. Thus, you can observe for reaction. Furthermore, if you experience red, sting or itchy. Then you could be sensitive to the product’s ingredients.

Combination Skin

Different skin type as sensitive skin and dry skin type
Sensitive skin with red patches on Left (L) , dry skin layer on Right (R)

Combination skin is simply having oily skin in some areas of your face and dry skin in other areas. Likewise, Typically, there’s a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face, with the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) being slight to the very oily zone.

This may test with oil blotting paper on T- zone, while other areas in the face will not wet the paper. And while on the chin or nose, it will make the paper transparent with face oil.

Sensitive Skin

How to know you have sensitive skin, your skin will be red in patches. Some sensitive skin may experience itchiness. Thus, we advise learning more about sensitive skin and the characteristic. Observe for sudden redness and sting sensation.

Normal Skin Type

“Normal” skin means it to be well-balanced skin. Nor it is too oily or too over dry. And how to achieve this is by adopting a good routine. A good routine also means like sleep early, at least before 11 pm. This will allow your body to detox at that hour and maintain glowing skin. Eat healthily, thus you won’t be having excess oil sebum and lead to oily skin.

A healthy skin can let people have happy mood. A well balance skin with equal complexion. When skin are balance, the life are balance.

girl having healthy skin with happy face


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