Women Organisations In Malaysia


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Women organisations are non-governmental bodies that fight for woman right. The aspect they are focusing on is wide in range. Thus, there are different organisations in Malaysia that play different roles while fight woman right. Their vision and mission inspired many girls. It is an inspiration for us too, read more HERE.

#metoo movement

Women’s Right

Girls who grow up will face many challenges in the path. Thus, on this life journey girls need guidance. This guidance can help you to overview your problem and solve it accordingly. Moreover, it is important that they show the girls their rights and power. As we always said a good leader can bring more followers.

With the recent hashtag movement of #metoo in Japan. It has been a viral nationwide issue. As more and more girls stand out to share about their experience of sexual harassment. They are brave and willing to risk their reputation to join the #metoo activity.

The Shiori Ito case provides classic examples for many girls. Yes, it is a lonely fight. A lonely fight for justice while some peoples tend to hide it. This movement exposes many peoples from different sectors. Like manager or director for films. They tend to suppress the worker and sexual harassment often happen at the office.

Malaysia Women Organisations

Different woman in women organisations , cartoon form

List of Women Organisations that fight for women right

  • Woman Aid’s Organisation (WAO)
  • All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
  • The National Council for Women’s Organisations Malaysia ( NCWO)
  • Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)

Women Aid’s Organisation (WAO)

We should stop Domestic violence in women and children

Firstly, their common goal is to assist women and children in all aspects. Moreover, WAO focuses on those that suffer from domestic violence. During the pandemic, the conflict between families increased. Since everyone needs to stay at home. Based on WAO Statistics, they receive more than 7130 calls and text consultations.

They also provide shelter to those that lost their home. WAO is working hard to gather girls online and offline. They engage young people on social media and their websites. It helps the young generation to get involved in their events.

All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)

AWAM has been working with many NGOs through the coalition Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG). In order to draft and propose a Sexual Harassment Bill for over 20 years. They are still running for the petition for others to sign in.

Furthermore, AWAM educates the public regarding legal information. They shared the definition of sexual harassment. This will let make more peoples know about the boundary of harassment. Physical touch and language are all considered unwanted harassment.

The National Council for Women’s Organisations Malaysia (NCWO)

It is one of the older women organisations in Malaysia. It is founded 50 years ago and they have been fighting against gender discrimination. NCWO support for women’s entrepreneurship and leadership role in Malaysia. As it mentions in their mission, this organisation helps in advocating policies and rules for women rights.

Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)

WCC is located in Penang since 1982. This organisation offers services such as counselling, shelter and legal advice. In meanwhile, they are also providing school outreach programs for children. These help children that faced domestic violence and are unable to go to school.

Girls power can be spike up in women organisations

Why Women Organisations are Important

In Malaysia, woman right still need a lot of improvement. Furthermore, sex education in Asian countries still remains conservative. And this could have lead to confusion for growing up girls. Thus, girls or boys do not know what can do or what cannot do. Without a proper channel to convey knowledge to our young. This will create a huge problem.

What we can do to help

We can volunteer in women organisations. Can be help desk over the organisations and handle the small task. Occasionally they will hold special events like group sharing or gatherings. They will always need volunteers.

Other than that, if you do not have time. You can donate to help too. The form of donation can be in cash or material. They will require daily supplies like rice for adults and milk powder for children. Some will require cash, they will use it to expand their shelter and improve the facility.

The last one is to help those that surround you. Concern your friend when she has told you related problem. You can lead them to the organisations if it is out of range. This is the less we can do. And this can really help them.

They’re going to be more and more survivors if we manage to help those surround us.