Zero Waste Skincare Ideas


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Zero waste will be able to reduce the earth burden. This practice is to reduce waste and start to reuse. This can remarkably help the planet to relieve stress and load. For this practice, it just needs to start to reduce one rubbish in daily. While it continues for 10 days, you can reduce waste to the landfill. Thus, it is a simple way to start this minimalist practice.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.

We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

Where Does The Waste Go

While we discuss skincare rubbish, we can think of plastic wrapping and containers. This is the most common waste for landfills and the ocean. The landfill method will need to dig a huge space, and they will cover up the rubbish with soil and fill in the land.

There is an average of 4.4lbs of waste produced daily. So there are much of waste than the place to fill them up. Landfills are toxic since the waste are not process with the proper method.

Moreover, the toxic will leak into the ocean or river and contaminate water sources. And some plastic will leak into the ocean and endanger the environment. The waste is not handled properly, and what more can we do to help?

How Can We Practice Zero Waste Skincare

Creative Zero Waste Way

So we should start to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We need to start to reuse the item and reduce the waste. Firstly, we can reuse your empty skincare bottle and container. While you can use it to fill up with a similar product as travel kits. Moreover, you can be creative while reuse.

travel kits with small bottle moisturizer and tonner
Repurpose as Travel Kits

Although during this period, many countries do not allow for travel. You can prepare it as a personal kit, which you can bring to the office or work. This will allow girls to stay tidy and clean. Especially after a meal, it can be packaged with the dental clean tool or SPF cushions. As for how does it zero waste, you can keep reuse and refill these tools for the new week ahead. Get a waterproof cosmetic makeup bag that acts as your everyday bag.

zero waste organized and keep cotton pad and cotton stick

Container As Cotton Collector

Organise while packing your consumables. Some bigger containers likewise 500 g moisturising cream jar. This can fit in with 50 pieces of small size cotton pads. So how to prepare to reuse the container. Firstly clean your container with a non-alcohol wipe. It needs to clean and dry to occupied new items.

Cushion foundation refill with different contour

Use empty foundation cushions as SPF cushions

If you’re opting to reuse a cushion, apply the double cleansing method to it. Massage and squeeze the cushion as you wash until you no longer see foundation residue, and then let it dry. Then can buy the refillable type of foundation, to fill it up. Select your contour and squeeze little by little. Be sure not to overload on the cushion.

Packaging boxes and bottles then can be zero waste

Reuse the outer package box

Some skincare brands will release seasonal packaging skincare. Thus, some boxes likewise drawer box can be used to put items in. This can effectively reuse the better quality paper box. Even if you are thinking to dispose of the boxes, will need to do it in an eco way. What needs to do to achieve the second purpose is to recycle the boxes. And separate the box material, plastic and paper. Some packaging will come with a transparent plastic sheet, just need to remove it from the box. Unfold the box and flatten it. Then you are ready to dispose of it well.

natural ingredients for skincare likewise honey, nut , vegan wax

Be Sure the Ingredients is safe and eco friendly dispose

After finish using any of your skincare. It might have some leftover ingredients in the bottle. We hope to make sure that the ingredients will not cause any danger and pollution to the environment. The most prohibited ingredient to the ocean will be petrochemical. Likewise petroleum jelly and parabens. Based on the statistic of the National Oceanic US, these ingredients will be corrosive to coral and animals.

Reduce Your Daily Use

This is a simple practice that everyone can do. So these are what you can do when you go for groceries. Get yourself a big waterproof recycle bag when shopping. This can help remarkably reduce up to like 5 plastic bags every time. A zero-waste lifestyle could be fun and interesting. Explore more ideas and ways to reuse your “waste”.

For skincare, you can use a powder mask than a sheet mask. Powder masks will reduce microfiber sheets used in the face masks. You can also select brands that use sustainable packaging. Which mean the packaging they use either can fulfil the 3 needs we mentioned above. It will be able to reuse, reduce and recycle.

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