Sunscreen and All You Need To Know


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Sunscreen with different SPF 30, 40 and 50 .

Sunscreen is a must for blocking UV rays. There are so many questions about the usage of sunscreen. Nowadays, there are all forms of like apply and consume. There are designs in spray, stick and also capsule. Do you know that there are differences in SPF and how does it work on our skin?

Let’s get into UV ultraviolet rays first, there are 3 types of UV rays. As for UVA light, it reaches the earth and penetrates the skin. And the crucial part is we cannot see and feel the UV rays.

So both UVA and UVB lights can damage our skin cells without us knowing. UVB rays have higher energy, it can cause direct damage to skin genetic’s material. UVA light can cause oxidation over the skin surface and lead to ageing.

How can we pick suitable sunscreen ?

How can we pick suitable sunscreen

What is SPF? It is sun protection factor UVB ray protection. As for PA +, it can rate from 1+ to 4+. This can protect the skin from UVA protection. On the market, the higher the PA and SPF will lead to higher prices. For SPF 30, its sun protection is 97 per cent. As for SPF 50 is 98 per cent.

Sunscreen Design and Usage

On the market, there are different designs for sunscreen. These include spray type, stick type and liquid type. As many peoples like the convenience of spray bottles. Other than that, the stick is thick and heavy in texture it is hard to cover every spot. Likewise behind the ear or under the neck. Liquid can spread off on the body entirely.

We can use 10 ml as recommended for daily usage. Moreover, it is around 1 third of a shot glass. Thus, compared with a spray bottle, it is only 2ml till 3 ml for spray. It is not enough for better coverage. It needs roughly 30 pumps to reach 10ml.

When Should We Use Sunscreen

Should use sunscreen in outdoor and also indoor to avoid UV rays.

We can apply sunscreen 30 minutes before we are outing expose to the sun. So it will not wash off by sweat and water before absorb. Thus, it can create a protective barrier between skin and the sun.

We should use it daily even when the day is cloudy. That is because we cannot view UV Ray with bare eyes. For the liquid bottle, shake it well to mix up the clump under the bottle. Apply thick and thoroughly at every surface of the body.

What is inside ?

There are 2 types in general; mineral and chemical sunscreen. As for minerals, the main ingredients will be titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Thus, these ingredients consider safe by the food and drug administration (FDA). So it is recognised as safer for skin protection.

As for chemical sunscreens, they can cause irritation to some sensitive skin. A harsh chemical is added to the sunscreen. It is not only bad for the skin, it can be bad for the coral too. Thus, we always advise taking mineral type while swimming in the ocean.

Edible Sunscreens Pills

Now you can eat your sun protection, fascinating and convenient. It is trending among beauty bloggers. Is it any scientific proof that these pills work? So the truth is the pills contain potent oxidants, they neutralised the effect of the sun entering the skin.

It is similar to providing oxidation like lemon toward apples. While the apple without lemon protection will create a layer of protection to avoid it becoming brownish.

Gently Reminder For Skin

Protect your skin by applying sunscreen daily indoor and also outdoor. Avoid UV rays that can damage our skin with sunscreen.

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