Our Mission

Clean Skincare

Accelerate the transition towards clean skincare.

herlovito natural mission

No harmful chemicals

Remove the use of toxic chemicals.

Natural ingredients

Harness the power of natural plant based ingredients that is kind and lovely to our skin.


We are all about people.


Create more employment opportunities for the community.


Work with, support and grow together with other lovely like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses.

Give back

Donate a portion of profits to deserving organizations.

herlovito community mission

We care about our planet.

herlovito environment mission

Sustainable ingredients

Only use ingredients that do not degrade the environment.

Eco-friendly packaging

Move towards sustainable packaging in phases.

our story

we are herLovito.

The word Herlovito is inspired by the spanish word ‘Lobo’ used to represent love. Herlovito is a natural and ethical skin care brand looking to revolutionize the skin care world with toxic free ingredients.

We are powered by peoples that pursue for natural, cruelty free and clean product. We believe in using the pure and finest ingredient can do the best products which can achieve moisturizing, cleansing and healing for the body. That is what make us different from others , and we will continue hold onto it.

With this concept being consolidated , we start to explore , research and developed on the ingredients and recipe. In order to create a fine and suitable product , trial and error are unavoidable. The sourcing of ingredients, packaging and logistic are non-stop work. This is when we created the products that focus in lip care , skin care and hair care.

work with us

Join our lovito ambassador program.