Our Lovito Story

The Story

we are herlovito.

Having personally experienced skin allergy from the harsh chemicals from over the shelf products, we have set out with a mission to come out with products with the cleanest ingredients possible without compromise in quality.

Creating a homegrown Malaysian brand has always been a dream to me. Herlovito was actually born during covid-19 one of the toughest pandemic the world has faced. We will forever be grateful to the lovito family for the support in our brand and our movement.

Herlovito hope to let more peoples access to natural made products which is healthy and safe for skin.

Kim, Founder of Herlovito
Our name


Herlovito products and name's story

Pronounced her-lovi-to.
Lovito = Love
Derived from the Spanish word Lobito.

We seek to make products to be loved by our consumers and the planet.


The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is sacrificing good quality ingredients for maximum profits.

Consumers use toxic and harmful products without knowing. It can cause allergy reaction or other skin health related conditions.

vegan skincare


Natural, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients not only can benefit skin health and also environment.